Product Name:Fused Silica - PV Crucible Grade  
Fused Silica - PV Crucible Grade   
Qmin-SIL Series Fused Silica is made of high purity Chinese crystal Silica by electrically fusing (fusing temperature 1800-2000℃) to amorphous Silicon dioxide , then specially engineered ingots, granular and flour form designed for making PV fused silica crucible.
Special Features :
●  Very low coefficient of thermal expansion
●  Superior Heat Resistance
●  Pure(high SiO2 content, low Fe, Na, K & Ti)
●  Consistent Chemistry
●  Statistically controlled particle size distribution
Main Applications :
● Fused Silica Crucible PV industry
● Other High Temperature Technical Ceramics
Chemical Composition : (Typical)                         
  SiO2:                99.95%                   
  AL2O3:              200ppm                   
  Fe2O3:              30ppm                 
  Na2O:               40ppm                   
  K2O:                 40ppm                   
  CaO:                 40ppm                  
  MgO                  30ppm
  ZrO2 :               35ppm
  TiO2 :               15ppm
  MnO :                3ppm
  CuO :                5ppm 
  Cr2O3 :             10ppm
  BaO :                10ppm                                 
Physical Properties :
  Specific Gravity : 2.21
  Hardness( Mohs) :7.0
  PH :5-7
  Magnetics :20ppm
  Cristobalite :0.1%Max.
Size Available :  
   (1)  Cullet  0-60mm
   (2)  Granules
           4-20mesh, 20-50mesh,50-100mesh, 100-200mesh
           10-30mesh, 30-50mesh, 50-100mesh, 120mesh, 200mesh, 325mesh
 Remark: the particle size can also be produced as customer’s special requirement
We can offer further product information and our technical experience if you need, and also are in position to supply specially designed product as customer requirement.