Product Name:Fused Silica - Electronic Materials Grade  
Fused Silica - Electronic Materials Grade:
Qmin-SIL Series Fused Silica is made of high purity Chinese crystal Silica by electrically fusing (fusing temperature  1800-2000℃) to amorphous Silicon dioxide, then by alumina ball mill grinding, unique air classifying, screening, magnetic and other impurity seperating techonology, designed for EMC and other electrical application.
Special Features:
● Very low coefficient of thermal expansion
● Excellent conductivity and Electrical property
● High Chemical Resistance
● Pure(high SiO2 content, low Fe, Na, K & Ti)
● High Whiteness
● High Hardness, good wearable
Main Applications:
● EMC (Epoxy Molding Compound) Filler, coating powder
● Electrical Insulators
● Others
  (1).  QMin-F/S-E200   d50:  20Micron +/-1    
  (2).  QMin-F/S-E325   d50:  15Micron +/-1  
  (3).  QMin-F/S-E600   d50:  9Micron +/-1  
(4).  QMin-F/S-E800   d50:  6Micron +/-1
Remark: the particle size is from d50 2-50um, the PS distribution is controllable
Chemical Composition:
  SiO2:                99.85%Min.    (Typical: 99.91%)
AL2O3:              800ppm Max.   (Typical: 300-500ppm)  
Fe2O3:               80ppm Max.    (Typical: 25ppm)
Extracted Water:
 Na+                 3ppm Max.
 Cl-                  2ppm Max.
 Electric Conductivity:   5um/cm
Physical Properties:
Appearance:       White Powder
Specific Gravity:      2.2
Hardness( Mohs):     6.0
PH:                6.5-8
Whiteness:          96  Min.
Igniting Loss:        0.1%Max.
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